Puddle's Wondrous Worry Dolls by Andrea Kaczmarek


Worry Dolls – Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Jemima – Puddle to her friends – helps out in her Mum’s shop and discovers Worry Dolls, pretty paper dolls in bright cotton pouches.

Puddle has never heard of them, or seen them, but her Mum explains that they are from Guatemala or Central America and they can take your worries and fly away with them. Sometimes they are called Mayan “trouble dolls”.

While they are talking, a box of the dolls spookily falls off the table and Puddle scrabbles around picking them all up – when Puddle gets home she finds that one of those bags had fallen into her pocket. But these dolls are nothing like the shop ones –these are cool funky Worry Dolls in a rainbow pouch. Puddle is puzzled – did her Mum slip them into her pocket? But she gives them a worry to solve just for fun – what happens next puzzles Puddle even more.

Puddle and her best friend Ally have plenty of problems at school – with three bullies who make everyone’s life a misery. Like all bullies they pick on the younger kids who can’t stand up for themselves and their constant name-calling is unkind and cruel, but one day they go too far, so Puddle and Ally decide that it is time to teach them a lesson – together with her wondrous new friends – Puddle and Ally come up with some wonderful, but naughty, ideas.

Not only the school bullies get a taste of their own medicine – other crazy things happen, including a miraculous result for Puddle in a Maths test!

Cool and just a bit creepy – those Wondrous Worry Dolls really shake things up!


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Review of Puddle's Wondrous Worry Dolls

This book is adorable! It is perfect for younger readers to branch out from picture books into chapter books. If I was younger, I would’ve LOVED this! At first I was actually kind of nervous about the whole doll part because it seemed like something out of a horror movie, but it wasn’t even mildly creepy or scary at all! It was just plain cute and even I, a mature and sophisticated 13 year old, was interested the whole way through! Shocking, yes. But it just proves that we are all young at heart. It was set outside of the USA, so at first, when it started talking about math but they spelled it with an ‘s’ (maths), I thought it was a typo but it turned out that is how they spell it there (I’m not sure where it was set, since it never specified but I know it wasn’t in the US). I think it would be a really good book for younger girls (or boys) who like to play with dolls, since books like these always inspire the imagination and make you think what if? How they dealt with the bully would be pretty amusing for younger readers too.? I also thought it was really cool how the author did all the illustrations in the book (though there were only a few).


Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite:

Andrea Kaczmarek’s children’s story, Puddle’s Wondrous Worry Dolls, is an adventurous way to present young readers with the confidence to deal with their worries and problems. Worry Dolls might be a solution, but just talking to someone or something also helps relieve issues that young people are faced with on a daily basis. The author presents real life issues that are familiar to young people: doing well in tests and dealing with bullies. Puddle and her best friend, Ally, are very realistic and likeable characters which young readers can easily relate to. This is a very positive, upbeat, and inspirational story.


This is a lovely story, which addresses a topic kids will easily relate to while throwing an interesting bit from a foreign culture in as well.When Puddle (aka Jemima) runs across a set of paper dolls known as Worry Dolls, her life takes a sudden turn. With her best friend Ally, she deals with bullies and other problems…and it seems as if the Worry Dolls might be helping out in their own way….

Puddle is an interesting young girl who’s as normal as any other kid. Her actions and decisions are completely understandable, and it’s no problem to see her as a good friend. The problems she has are ones that kids can easily relate to and her ways of approaching them will make readers think and smile….

In other words, there are many things to enjoy in this story. Especially readers between the ages of 7 to 10 will sympathize with Puddle and will probably want to have a set of Worry Dolls of their own.

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