poetry collection - Wildfire

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Wildfire, edited by Janet Lees, is an anthology of poetry and prose from The Hub creative writers.

The “Wildfire” anthology is born out of a year of creative writing sessions at The Hub in Port Erin, Isle of Man. The poetry and prose inside is all by local people aged twentysomething to eighty-something. It’s a richly diverse collection of verse and prose styles, themes and topics that you’ll want to dip into time after time – you might even find someone you know saying things you don’t expect!

‘Wildfire has been a life-changing experience for the writers; it is also an eye-opener to the discerning reader. The collection is a reflection of a series of workshops that have set the imagination free. With distinctive new voices and striking images, the innovative writing in Wildfire has made me laugh, made me cry and above all made  me think.’

Usha Kishore, poet and translator

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