human progress - What Really Matters


As human beings we can wonder at the progress of our species. We can wonder about the Universe, marvel that the planet we live on is ideal for our existence, understand that we are part of an extraordinary evolutionary process and see, if we want to, that life as we know it is to be cherished.

In an inspired moment the optimist among us may experience a feeling of wellbeing and anticipate a degree of contentment as a result of his good fortune. The pessimist may take a different view and consider the beauty of universal splendour to be simply mysterious complexity with no more relevance than to confuse.

All this is obvious, but not irrelevant in considering how to work one’s way through the minefield of trying to get the best out of the opportunities that present themselves in life – or how to progress.

Is there a right path? Many will say yes and hasten to advise us how to take it. Others will differ and, in a frame of mind perhaps to be envied, will take everything as it comes and make the best of it.

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