memories - the past has ghosts - Under November Skies

The past has ghosts…

Memories have life…

Brandon Willow returns to the insular village that he escaped from twelve years ago, for his brother’s funeral. There he finds himself confronting the ghosts of the past he has suppressed. In doing so, he is caught up in a series of violent events that will change his, and others’ lives forever…

Under November Skies is a novel in six parts. Its story is told through the eyes of several different characters whose lies, deceit, revelations and relationships slowly unravel, and in some cases their lives are interwoven and unknowingly collide… with tragic consequences.

The six parts of this book are:

Silent Witness.

Too Little, Too Late.

Childhood Requiem.

Making Crime Pay.

Cages Don’t Always Have Bars.

Coming Up For Air.

Together, they make a fascinating and stimulating read. Not to be missed!

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