Two Suns in the Sunset - two worlds collide

two worlds collide

A young boy – from a rundown council estate; where unemployment, violence, drug and alcohol abuse are just the tip of the iceberg, is growing up within the chaos of his environment and his dysfunctional family.

An old man – a published author, who although knows poverty from his own childhood, has made a very middle class life for himself and his wife. They live on the outskirts of town, in the glorious countryside; in a cottage with land.

The river – it flows a long the bottom of the old man’s land, providing a source of wonder, of escape and tranquillity for both man and boy.

Two worlds collide – two lives from opposite ends of the spectrum find a mutual understanding in their separate trials and tribulations of life. It is a relationship that, like the river they both love, will run its course. They will confront the beauty and the ugliness, the best and worst of human nature, the love, horror, brutality and the violence of the world, over a relatively short period of time as they dip their toes into each others very different lives.


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