Dao De Jing Wisdom - M A Fullen

Wisdom of the Dao De Jing

The Dao De Jing, the seminal work of the Great Chinese Sage Lao Tzu is one of the most profound and erudite pieces of prose ever written. The 81 verses of the Dao de Jing offer pathways to deeper understanding of the world around us and present a helpful code for everyday living. They offer us wisdom.

After the Bible, it is the most translated document in history – you can read the verses of this text in less than an hour, but study it for a lifetime! That is true – not hype.

Two versions of the Dao De Jing are presented in this book.

Multiple versions were studied by the author, Professor M. A. Fullen, and this book is his attempt at offering the reader his favourite version of each verse alongside a version that has been edited for clarity and consistency. In essence, he has combined the best and most accurate translations to be found anywhere. 

This is an important book. It offers wisdom for us today, just as it did when it was first written.

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