Isle of Man - The Spiral Stone ebook and paperback

I have wanted to write this powerful love story for a long time.

The Spiral Stone on the Isle of Man gave me the inspiration. It actually exists, as described in the book, and the double spiral carving, though almost worn to nothing over the centuries, can still be traced by fingertip. The stone is like her past. It is hard and cold and dead, but it is still there. One spiral curls in and gets constrained, the other curls out towards freedom: for me that symbolises the situation Faye finds herself in. She is trapped in the past, anchored to a dead relationship and unable to move into the future that awaits her.

The Isle of Man setting is also appropriate: Faye is isolated and remote, cut off from the mainstream of life by the tragic accident that has robbed her of her love. 

It is New Year, and Faye wants desperately to make a new start, but she is constrained by the past. But, in the grey bitter chill of the island, she finds new love.

And new tragedy.

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