Elizabethan tale of Gothic intrigue - The Palladium Secret

The Palladium Secret – a tale of Elizabethan Gothic

Set in Elizabethan London and Prague, the Palladium Secret is a tale of Elizabethan Gothic. It is the story of legend and myth and history. It is the tale of Edward Kelley, disreputable charlatan, consummate showman and celebrated alchemist, who is working in the palace of Emperor Rudolf II, attempting to discover the Philosopher’s Stone – in truth, he is a secret agent working for Queen Elizabeth, his mission to spirit away, and bring to London, the Palladium, the legendary sacred statue that once cast its protective cloak over Troy.

For Queen Elizabeth, possessing the Palladium would ensure Protestant England’s safety from the Catholic armies massing in Europe. For that, she will risk everything…

By late 1592 everything is ready – Edward Kelley, astrologer, alchemist, charlatan and necromancer has schemed, lied, coerced and blackmailed his way to the point where he can put his plan into action, though success or failure will rest ultimately with his performance. But after years labouring tirelessly in his workshop, mixing chemicals and slaving at the furnace, fumes from mercury and lead have taken their toll on his mind, and his wild outbursts threaten the whole enterprise…

Moreover, there are others in pursuit of the prize: namely Sir William Stanley, an English traitor now fighting in the Low Countries for the Catholic cause, who will stop at nothing to gain the relic for himself… 

The Palladium Secret is a dark tale of Elizabethan Gothic, a mix of history, myth and mysticism, plot and counter-plot, betrayal and deception. It explores the relationship between the Elizabethan theatre and the world of political espionage, where players become spies and secret agents play out the parts they are given. 

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