battle of the Titans - The Last Temple of Apollo

In this unusual and thought-provoking tale, the myths of ancient Greece come to life once more, in all their grim power and dark glory.

At a summer camp in the remote fishing village of Linappoll, in Cornwall, south-west England, Anne and Giuliano find they have more in common than they could ever imagine – together they can foretell the future. But what they see is ominous indeed.

The mighty Titan Cronos, who once ruled the ancient world with a priestly cult of murderous Vates, is planning a vengeful return. Can Anne and Giuliano ever hope to stop the bloodthirsty tyrant?

They find help close at hand.

Living in obscurity in Linappoll village are four Olympian gods: the absent-minded Zeus, who now runs a post office; Apollo, who has exchanged his lyre for a guitar and sings ballads at the village inn; the lame tinker Hephaestus who lives a hermit’s life in an abandoned mine; and grey-eyed Athene, the mysterious but beautiful goddess.

The four gods have beaten Cronos twice before, but can they pull it off again?

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