The Last Mission against the drug cartels

drug cartels…hostages…a rescue attempt

A fast-moving tale of drug cartels, violence, fear and double crossing…

Fleming is an unassuming chemistry professor who is called to action. When he learns that his wife and daughter are in Colombia, and are being held captive by the head of  one of the most powerful drug cartels in South America, he knows he has to do something. But what can he do?

How can he fight this criminal gang? He is no action man! He is certainly no Superman!

But he is intelligent. And he is brave. And so he begins to plan his rescue attempt. He gathers as much information as he can – his loved ones are being held by Sanchero Romero, boss of the ruthless and very rich Medellin Drug Cartel. They rule their patch with brutal efficiency.

But Fleming is not a man to take things lying down.

He flies to Colombia to rescue his wife and daughter, but, at first, the rescue mission does not go to plan: he and his daughter escape back to Louisiana leaving his wife, Christina behind, making it necessary for Fleming to undertake another, even more dangerous and even more desperate rescue attempt. 

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