The Harlie Series of 4 books

The Harlie Series…

It is post Civil War America and we are introduced to nine treasure hunters who, like knights in rusty armor, go off in search of lost gold. Among them is Homer Skinner, an aging deputy with a wild imagination, a toothache, and a map. Traveling with him are four horsemen including a foul-mouthed surveyor and his young apprentice, a well-endowed carpenter of another generation, and a megalomaniacal army colonel with a mechanical heart and hidden agenda known simply as ‘Red-Beard’ along with his toothless partner-in-crime, Alvin Webb. There’s also Sam, a large Negro with a painted wagon, and an Indian named ‘Boy’. And then there is Elmo Cotton, a young black sharecropper with a mule, a shotgun, and a questionable past. He’s the one they call the ‘Harlie’. They each have a story to tell, along with a few deep dark secrets…

There are 4 books in the series: the first is “Knights in Rusty Armor”

Knights in Rusty Armor -Book 1 of the Harlie Series

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The second book in the series is “The Black Diamond”

Black Diamond - Book 2 of the Harlie Series

It’s more than the gold they’re after; and the war-child knows that by now. There’s something else… something old and wonderful, and mysterious; something that ‘came down from the deep, dark heavens’. It’s what Red-Beard’s been looking for all along. And he finds it at the end of a long dark tunnel, just like Homer Skinner did so many years ago. In a final cataclysmic event perpetrated by Red-Beard himself, they all die; all, that is, except for Elmo Cotton, the Harlie…

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The third book is “A Raccoon on the Run”

A Raccoon on the Run - Book 3 of the Harlie Series

Everyone else is dead, including Colonel Rusty ‘Red-Beard’ Horn who is alone responsible for all that had happened up on the mountain that day. Elmo Cotton, the Harlie, is the only one left; he alone has survived. And he didn’t come home empty-handed. But there’s a dead man on the mountain with a hole in his chest, and a sheriff in town who wants to know who did it. The Harlie knows he’s innocent, but proving it may take a miracle or two; and he still doesn’t know what to make of the black diamond, the Motherstone. On the advice of his fly-catching uncle, Elmo Cotton leaves everything behind and becomes a fugitive, a raccoon on the run; and from now on, things will never be the same….

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And the fourth book in the series is The Miracle-maker of Avenue ‘D’

The Miracle Maker of Avenue D - Book 4 of the Harlie Series

Arriving in Old Port Fierce, Elmo Cotton, the raccoon on the run, has finally reached his destination. Now all he has to do is find a man they call the Miracle-Maker of Avenue ‘D’. But first he has to spend the night in a place called Shadytown. It’s a fat moon Friday night and the Harlie is introduced to a black-hatted bean merchant and a blue-eyed sea captain who are about to embark on a secret adventure he is determined to be a part of…

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