artificial intelligence - The Created Couple - by Michael Fowler

artificial intelligence threatens the world

“The Created Couple” is a disturbing tale of robots with enhanced artificial intelligence. It concerns the Manikin family, a group of seven robots, or AI units, created somewhat on the cheap by computer scientist extraordinaire Bessie Manikin.

Only after they have been commissioned do the problems begin. The seven robots are of inferior quality, and a series of mishaps ensues. After facing so many difficulties, some of which threaten the entire programme, the main character, Kendall Manikin joins forces with his recently upgraded sister Nancy, a Christian unit, for a high-tech religious adventure.

Working for Homeland Security, Kendall and Nancy must track Russians Ivan and Ada Maslov, a second created couple fashioned by the god Lovejoy. It is Lovejoy’s evil goal to think the world out of existence so that it becomes only thoughts in his mind, in the well-known immaterialist manner of Bishop Berkeley.

Kendall determines that this will have dire consequences for the Earth and its people, and vows to stop Lovejoy.

This is a fascinating tale of artificial intelligence that can be read as a science fiction or as an allegory of modern times.

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