development of a super computer -The 30000 days

super computer

The development of a super computer is just one aspect of this intriguing book. It is a novel, a work of fiction, and it is in part science fiction. But it is also a story of military history and the writing  has a distinctly philosophical and spiritual dimension. Don “Zen” Lee writes from the perspective of a martial arts enthusiast who is puzzled, fascinated and, in the end, awed by everything around him.

The story takes the reader from a suburb on Long Island, New York, during the heady days of late 1960’s to Haifa in the war-torn Middle East, in the year 2002.

The narrative follows the main character, Tommy, and his close friends, through all their various adventures and life-changing experiences. They change, or the hardships they experience changes  them, and yet, through it all, they learn and grow. They come to understand that life is not simple. Rather, they come to realise that the world is far more complex than they ever imagined and that their own existence must be measured against the intricate complexities of life in the twentieth century.

This is a work of fiction, but it explores aspects of religion and science, including modern physics, and recounts the secret development of a super-computer for military purposes.

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