childhood adventures - Spikes Garage

A tale of childhood adventures…

Spike was an ordinary boy with an ordinary life….

He lived in an ordinary house, he went to an ordinary school. He had an ordinary family. Well, that’s what he thought anyway.

But when his dad left fours years ago, he left something not so ordinary behind in the old garage at the bottom of the garden. It was the garage that was now always kept locked, the garage that Spike’s mum would not even let him ask about.

Which of course, made Spike all the more inquisitive. What was inside that garage? What was it that hummed slightly in the night. What was the strange light he thought he could see coming form the garage? Spike is determined to find out.

When Spike does go into the garage, it is the beginning of childhood adventures that change his life. In there, Spike finds a fantastic secret that leads to excitement, thrills and great danger.

Spike’s Garage is an irreverent story aimed at students in the later years of Primary School or the early years of Secondary School. They will identify with and engage with the main character and enjoy his exploits.

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