Plato - philosophy

The wisdom of Plato

‘Shadows in Plato’s Cave’ is a fascinating compilation of helpful ‘pearls of wisdom’ to guide us in everyday life.

For several years, the author has studied Plato and the subject of personal development. In doing so, he has made a note of many useful philosophical quotes.

The quotes presented are from authorities and writers who he has found to be inspirational, illuminating and a general help in everyday life.

As such, the ebook is very wide-ranging, and contains quotes from individuals throughout history.

These quotes are structured under specific headings. Part 1 of the book deals with such issues as mistakes, forgiveness and adversity. Part 2 examines issues related to meditation, wisdom, determination, calm, work, humility, patience, detachment, attitude to life, attitude to people and God.

This book is a useful tool for people interested in issues of self-help and personal development.

Within it they will find wisdom, guidance, advice, thought provoking observations and a code for living in today’s complex, and often confusing world.

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