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running to win – an athlete – a race

“Running to win!”

If you are an athlete, this is a must read!

The Race is an athlete’s view of a race. It is a top coach’s view of running a race to win. It is a brief but intense, dynamic account of what goes through an athlete’s mind before, during and after running a 400m race – the routine of preparation, the mental focus, the discipline and control necessary for success. 

This book is a motivational read and if you are serious about competing at a high level, then you really should read this!
Jared Deacon’s credentials as a Sports coach are outstanding. He is currently the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Edinburgh Rugby Elite Development Programme.

Prior to that, he has worked for UK Athletics as a sprints and hurdles coach based at Loughborough and also has held responsibility for the Great Britain Junior Team Men’s Sprints. Having competed as an international athlete himself, winning gold medals at the European Championships and Commonwealth Games and competing at the Sydney Olympics, Jared has worked in education in teaching and management and also for the English Institute of Sport as a Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach, working with athletes from 25 different sports, across age groups, abilities and disabilities. 

Jared has previously won a national Coach of the Year Award with UK Athletics and delivers coach education within the areas of speed, acceleration, plyometrics, technique development, Olympic weightlifting and conditioning for sports performance.

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