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ebooks and paperbacks – pricing and royalties

The dpdotcom publishing pricing and royalties policies are very simple and totally transparent.

Placing your ebook with dpdotcom is FREE of charge.

You will earn about $2.50 royalties on every ebook you sell (except on amazon kindle sales – see note below)

You will earn at least $2.50 royalties on every paperback you sell (see note below).

Sales transactions are handled by PayPal because they are among the market leaders in selling digital goods.

dpdotcom are PayPal verified for royalties

Royalties on dpdotcom ebook sales

Each ebook on our website will normally be priced between $5.99 (about £4.50) and $8.99 (about £6.90) depending on the number of pages.

So the customer pays between $5.99 or $8.99

The payment processors (PayPal or take their commission on each sale.

That leaves earning about $2.00 commission per sale.

The author earns royalties based on the selling price – or about $2.50 on each ebook sale.

Royalties on dpdotcom paperback sales

Because the cost of publishing each paperback is based on the number of pages, each paperback is priced individually. However, we try to price our paperbacks competitively at a level which allows at least a $5.00 margin.

That $5.00 margin allows the author to earn $2.50 royalties and dpdotcom to earn $2.50 commission. 

Royalties on dpdotcom kindle ebook sales

Because amazon kindle’s pricing structure is so different from our other systems, we can only offer authors a royalty payment of $1.00 per sale for the kindle version of the book.

Author royalties will be paid quarterly, at the end of March, the end of June, the end of September and the end of December. As we are a digital publishing company, we pay using digital means, and expect our authors to have a PayPal account.

If you do not have a PayPal account, that is not a problem – it is free and very easy to set up an account.

Click Here to link to the PayPal site and sign up for your account.

dpdotcom are PayPal verified for royalties

PayPal manages over 250 million customer accounts, so you can have confidence in their procedures and security. In more than 10 years of using PayPal, we have never experienced any problems with their service.