Replacement Parts by Fred Word

Three children grow up together and throughout their school years are inseparable. They experience and learn about life together.

It is in college where they finally began to go their own ways. Deborah Warren becomes a doctor, Timothy Lawrence a lawyer and Nicolas Vaughn a businessman who manufactures and sells a revolutionary valve device that he has invented.

However, they drift apart. Nicolas becomes dissatisfied with his life and retires to join the police department; the other two become very successful in their specialist fields.

Deborah discovers that rich Japanese are willing to pay a fortune for transplants that they cannot obtain in their country.

When a young nurse is murdered and her kidneys removed, her father, Bartholomew Higgins, a West Texas rancher, arrives in New York City to claim the body. After learning how she died, he becomes enraged and sets about to learn who is responsible.

Nicolas learns that Bartholomew Higgins was part of a secret assassination team that roamed Vietnam. His training is serving him well in the jungle that is New York City …

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