Poetry by Robert R. Railey – a new collection in paperback.

Poetry by R R Railey - a new collection of poems

poetry by R R Railey

This is a wonderful new collection of verse from Robert R. Railey – some witty, some serious; some just a few lines, some much longer. But always, the writing is interesting and thought-provoking.

The author covers a wide range of topics and employs a range of styles, so there really is something for everyone. The work offers the reader fascinating perspectives on modern life and a chance to engage with a writer who knows how to craft his work to best effect.

This is what the author has this to say about his new collection of verse:

Since much of my adult life has been spent in learning the ways of the world, I’ve made it a point to appreciate the beauty in the everyday things that we tend to take for granted.

Accordingly, then, in this new edition of my work there are several pieces of writing where I have tried to explain the relationships between human beings and the world we live in.

Consequently, my newest work seems to be equally divided between the emotional aspects of our feelings and the more amusing side of our sometimes ordinary lives.

There is something for everyone in this lovely collection of poems, and all styles and forms of poetry are represented, from brief five-liners to longer “prose-poems” that are clever and often amusing observations on modern life.

Treat yourself to this great new book and enjoy  “Poetry by Robert R. Railey”

Robert R. Railey signing copies of his Poetry book
Robert R. Railey signing copies of his Poetry book


The author takes part in a local Indie Book fair in Evansville:

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