equine assisted therapy - poems of progress - Small Steps


Small Steps – poems of progress inspired by equine assisted therapy.

Psychotherapist, Wendy Megson is the founder and executive director of Manx Equitherapy Ltd (www.manxequitherapy.com) and is certified by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association to provide innovative mental health services, equine facilitated psychotherapy, learning and development.

Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning is not about the horse, it’s about the person.

There is no mounted work or horsemanship involved and you do not need any experience with horses what so ever.

Sessions are based on experiential learning and require participation from the client or group. The activities will include the use of non verbal communication, creative thinking, problem solving, leadership and team work to name but a few. The horses provide the experience and learning that will help the participant to realise and discover their own solutions. The focus is not about the goal that has been set in the sessions, it’s about the learning on the journey that is taken.

Therapy or team building sessions are based on individual needs and numbers within the group, the horses are selected by our equine specialist and the focus of the session is identified by our Mental Health professional (for example; control issues, lack of self confidence or addiction) together they agree on the session exercises which are planned accordingly.

The poems and pictures in this book are dedicated to some of the phenomenological experiences, analysis, and hypothesis that occur during each unique equine assisted therapy encounter, when horses and humans meet face to face with the aim of creating opportunities without judgement.

These poems take inspiration from equine assisted psychotherapy and captures the essence of the personalities of those characters the author has come to know – both humans and horses.

Proceeds from the sale of this inspirational book will go towards promoting the work of this worthwhile cause.


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