love, sex, romance - Out of Reach

This moving romance story deals with some of the day to day events that occur in the lives of high school students. 

A shy and reclusive fifteen year old genius moves house with his family when his father gets a promotion. 

He moves from a small country town to a city. In circumstances that are unusual for him, he meets a girl who becomes the great love of his life and he wants nothing but to grow old with her and  live a normal life. 

But he has many secrets and one is a very dark secret that means his dream is out of reach and always will remain so. Because of his love he faces his greatest fears and defeats them in order to be with her. 

Follow the young couple as the young boy spends his life loving a the girl of his dreams, only to marry her when his dream is at its most impossible to fulfil.

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love, sex, romance - Still Out of Reach

Still Out of Reach – the sequel – byErnest Bywater

The romance continues with some of the events in Melissa’s life after Ernie’s death.

His spirit lives on, in her and the members of The Cable Company. The strength of his spirit and their love gives many the moral strength to stand up and do what’s right in hard situations.

Follow Melissa as she lives up to Ernie’s dreams, and helps others to live his dreams as well. They get much closer to fulfilling his main dream, but it still remains out of reach for them, while they make it possible for other generations to reach out and grab the star, as they move forward, guided by his spirit.

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