poetry by Usha Kishore - On Manannan's Isle

poetry by Usha Kishore

Usha Kishore’s poetry is beautifully crafted. Her verse has a style that is tangible. The language of her poems resonates.

This imaginative debut collection of poems, “On Manannan’s Isle”, speaks about the increasingly cosmopolitan nature of life on the Isle of Man.  Usha’s writing explores many facets of the island she has made her home, like the landscape, the Celtic myth of Manannan and Manx culture. Her poetry encompasses the island’s history and its art. The spirit of Manannan permeates this collection of verse; as the title poem highlights, he is but one more in the poet’s pantheon of 33 million gods.

Usha’s poetry juxtaposes integration and alienation.  Through the images of literature, art and nature, through the symbols of myth and legend, through migrant metaphors, the poet contemplates the themes of assimilation and marginalisation, displacement and nostalgia, loss and reconciliation.  Usha Kishore also reflects on her multicultural identity, documents an immigrant’s experiences on the Isle of Man and muses on her teaching experiences, seeking an in-between space that interpolates the East and the West.

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Indian born Usha Kishore now lives on the Isle of Man, where she teaches English at Queen Elizabeth II High School.   Usha’s poetry has been widely published in journals and anthologies in the UK, US, India, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Australia and New Zealand and won prizes in international competitions.   Her work is part of the British Primary and Indian Middle School syllabus and has been part of many international projects, being translated into German, Spanish and Gujurati.

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