ebook Moods & Other Contemplations

This is a collection of poetry that is diverse in style and beautifully written. The poems focus on that indefinable something that makes or breaks a relationship; they describe that attempt to understand another person and yourself.

Through his poetry, Paul NcAlsen questions the rules, and whether or not to conform; he writes about maturity; he makes succinct, wry observations about everyday situations; he displays a dry, sardonic wit.

We are delighted to offer the reader such a moving, diverse and well-crafted collection of poetry.

Paul NcAlsen writes: Moods and Other Contemplationscontains almost thirty five years of poetic self expression.

I started writing verse, both free form and stylized, during my late teens.  Ever since then, when I have felt the need to quickly write down strongly felt emotions, my form of choice has been poetry.  Even though I now write prose, I still take time to turn my hand to poetry as a means of focusing emotional energy in my writing.

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