magical and mystical - Master Apprentice

a magical and mystical tale…

Captain Mikail Tane’s mission in life was to stamp out evil or die trying. He has a war to fight, a king to serve, and a people to protect. He also has a notorious assassin on his trail.

The only mysteries about The Five or their intent are their identities and how to find them. In the midst of all the stress of barely holding his ground, the last thing he suspected was for Retribution to walk into his camp. 

She had entranced some of his soldiers with her silver tongue – that was the only thing that kept her alive. 

Retribution shocks Captain Tane by revealing her biggest weakness – she cannot lie because of her silver tongue. But she needs his help to stay alive. So, she tricks him into taking her on as his apprentice,  masquerading as a boy called Victor.

They are Master and Apprentice, and somewhere between trying to kill each other, saving each other’s lives, and learning to respect each other’s ideas and opinions, they discover more than friendship growing between them.

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