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Marketing your work – once your book is finished and published on the dpdotcom publishing website, how can you promote and market it? How can you generate interest in your book…and how can you generate sales?

marketing ebooks and paperbacks

Marketing your work

Here are some simple marketing tips:

  • Create your own website for your book. The web address can be your book’s title. You can then direct customers to your website to buy your book from you.
  • The website address could be added to your business card, or placed as a “signature” in the footer area of every email you send out. That way, you spread the word about your book with every email you send.
  • Make use of social media – with facebook and twitter you can reach hundreds of people instantly – so post news of your book on your timeline and share it with your friends. Spread the word!
  • Use email to contact friends, family and colleagues¬†about your book. ¬†
  • Write a blog about your writing!
  • Post a short video online, advertising your book.
  • Contact websites that have a connection with the subject of your book – if your book is a horror story, approach some of the big “horror” websites to see if they are interested in featuring your work.
  • If your book deals with teenage life, contact one of the big teenage magazines or websites to see if they would like to feature your work.
  • Buy copies of your book (dpdotcom can help – if you buy multiple copies through dpdotcom, we can negotiate a special discount. Contact dpdotcom for more information) and organise a book launch in a local bookstore.
  • Try your local newspapers to see if they will feature your book in a story, or as an article on their “Arts” page.
  • Try local magazines, especially the free ones, who are always looking for interesting articles to print.
  • Approach writers’ groups or authors’ groups to see if they are interested in your book. Many will have regular “reading evenings” when you can showcase your work by reading selected extracts.
  • Try your local radio station to see if they will feature your book on one of their arts programmes. They may even be keen to broadcast a serialisation of your book.
  • Approach local Libraries to see if they hold meetings for authors to discuss their work – make a point of joining in.
  • Attract attention to your book! Wear the T-shirt and spread the word!
  • Above all, be active, be proactive! And don’t be shy.