poetry by Lynne Nesbit - Looking for Lamp-posts

poetry collection – Looking for Lamp-posts

This is a beautiful book of poetry from Lynne Nesbit, using various styles and covering a range of topics, but throughout, the collection is of a very high standard and the poems are always fascinating to read.

In Looking For Lamp-Posts, her first collection of verse, Lynne Nesbit taps into the subliminal grotto of her very spirit, thus revealing a treasure trove of poetry, conveying both the joy and wounds of living and loving.

The poet, expressing what others feel but cannot themselves communicate, is an Everyman, or in Lynne’s case, an Everywoman. Within her panoramic collection, she scales the heights and depths of the heart’s deep well.

To single out any of these poems is to do a disservice to the other gems, for in total they comprise a diadem of life’s mystique and magic. And so, with a bravo to Lynne Nesbit, we gaze at this jewel box of poems as they are launched into a pearl-misted cosmic orbit.

Adam Darius

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