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a coming of age, a journey - Long Long Time by Ralph Bland

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Ralph Bland’s fifth novel Long Long Time is the tale of the coming of age of Harry Allen. The story follows the journey of Harry – high school and college basketball star, philosopher, wastrel, dreamer, and child of the 60s – as he stumbles, falls, and somehow negotiates his way down the cragged bumpy highway of his life.

During the course of the comic narrative Harry goes on a wild rambunctious trip from the Cuban Missile Crisis to Post 9/11 while offering through his Tennessee-tinted vision his take on what makes the world he finds himself a reluctant member of go round (and possibly end at any moment).

It is only when death and intimations of his own mortality arise that Harry begins to learn what all this ruckus he’s been in the middle of for a multitude of sad funny scary but always magical years has really been all about. 


Ralph Bland is the author of six novels, including ACE (available here) and ONCE IN LOVE WITH AMY. He lives with his wife, a pack of spoiled dogs, and an eccentric MG on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee.


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a tale of coming of age - Long Long Time by Ralph Bland

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