Satanic story of revenge - Laura's Wrath by M & E Stab

a Satanic story of revenge

The satanic succubus, Laura McBride, hungers for revenge. ‘Laura’s Wrath’ takes the reader from the unjust execution of Laura’s husband Robert during the American Civil War to the 1960s and into the lives of a husband and wife, the Westons, whose only crime is researching family ancestry.

Satan and Laura manipulate the couple through a series of mutual nightmares and the use of the husband’s model train layout to accomplish Laura’s final act of retribution for her husband Robert’s unjust execution. Can the Westons and their parish priest survive Laura’s Wrath, or are they doomed?


From the Baryon Online Review 119:

“The story begins in July 1865 with a Union trial and execution of Laura McBride’s husband, Robert. He has been accused of passing information to the Confederates and is sentenced to hang. Father Timothy O’Brien knows who the real traitor is, but is bound by Canon Law of Confession not to divulge his name, even though an innocent man will die.

As Robert is hanged, Laura’s baby dies and she calls on Satan to grant her revenge. Father O’Brien goes to the Bishop to ask for an exorcism, but is never seen again and his town of Amberville is wiped away and lost to history.

In 1965, Charles Weston begins looking into his family tree and goes to the church archives to find out about Father O’Brien. While in the archives, he has a strange vision and his entire world is overturned as Laura makes her presence known. He and his wife, Maria, are integral in her plans for final demonic revenge.

Model trains running without power, strange dreams, and an unexpected pregnancy are only some of the events that make for an interesting novel of revenge extending beyond time.

This is an interesting novel that will appeal to the fans of Ira Levin and V.C. Andrews.”

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