supernatural tales - A Date at the Dog and Gun

Four chilling Lakeland tales of murder and the supernatural.

The mountains and valleys of  the Lake District in the North West of England are renowned for their beauty and rugged isolation; they have inspired wonderful verse and prose and provided excitement, exhilaration and enjoyment for the thousands of walkers who venture into their prehistoric vastness.

There are many who know the mountains intimately, many who trek along passes formed by glaciers during the last Ice Age, or walk beside the shimmering tranquility of the lakes and tarns that lay locked in splendid isolation.

But where there is beauty, and grandeur, and the complicit invitation to enjoy the breathtaking views and moments of quiet contemplation, there often lurks, in the back of the mind, an unsettling fear or terror – the thought that Nature can also be fickle, and brutal, and sometimes one has to pay for venturing into the wilds and the unknown.

For those who of you understand this, or for those who have not yet had a Lakeland experience tinged with terror, the four tales in this book will surely release uncomfortable thoughts that will set your heart thumping and give you sleepless nights.

You have been warned!

Lakeland Tales - Roy Whittaker tales of murder and supernatural

Picture shows Steve Baskerville-Muscutt of Fred’s Ambleside Bookshop with copies of “A Date at the Dog & Gun”

A recent review from a delighted reader:

“I think this volume of 4 Lakeland tales is a holiday must for lovers of the Lake District, with its evocative illustrations and beautiful passages of description.

Roy is a writer who is clearly very familiar with this much-loved, magical, mountainous corner of the UK. In this slim volume, perfect for slipping into a rucksack, he offers tales that are a mix of history, mystery and suspense.  If you are a lone walker, beware, because these tales will prey on your mind long after you have closed the book and slipped it back in your rucksack.

The tales are easy to read and the characters are interesting and well-rounded: when they share their fears and emotions with us, we feel we know them, and they speak for us and to us. The pages are full of place-names familiar to any Lakeland hiker, and that is comforting and satisfying for the reader…but then Roy introduces those unsettling “false summits” and the changeable weather conditions, and the mist, and the cold, and the drowned valleys, and colours the tales with a dark sense of being all alone and very small and exposed in a wild, primal and vast landscape.”


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