a journey of discovery - in the blink of an eye

a journey of discovery

The telling of a children’s story proves to be the start of an epic journey of discovery, a leap into future space-time for three young children. As they journey on their way, they witness for themselves distant civilizations, similar to their own, but all evolving in different ways. They learn that such differences are part of a natural process, and through that appreciation, they come to a fuller, deeper understanding of their own society. And their role in that society.

It is a story of high drama, horror, fear, excitement, humour, mystery, and wonder. It is an encounter with the best and the worst in people, with the highs and lows of friendship, and a story about how understanding leads to love.

Overall, it is a tale about children to be read by adults: young and old. About their delights, fears, impishness, foibles, humour, inquisitiveness, endearing qualities and, most of all, their ability to see things as they really are without the baggage of being an adult.

In the second part of the story, the return journey, we follow the children into a nightmarish scenario that could never happen on Earth – or could it?

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