rags to riches story - Heaven Help Us! by Peter Power

rags to riches

“Heaven Help Us!”, with the aid of The Sunday Investigator, traces the rags to riches story of Alfie and Goldie Goldberg, who from a windfall of just one-thousand pounds back in the 1940’s, went on to amass a personal fortune of over eighty million. 

When Goldie, our leading character, was sadly left alone to manage the vast empire, which she and Alfie had built between them, she decided enough was enough and retired herself to the luxury ensconcement of the Vermillion Lawns, an establishment available only to those of a certain age and most certainly available only to those of certain means!  There, she was to meet the other main characters of this exciting, dramatic story – Charley-Boy, Henry, Freddie, Polly, and Julie each of whom had the blessing of similar wealth. Millions, to be precise!

Many, at the first hint of a disaster, would have turned and run.  But not this little bunch! No! They faced it all and they stood tall.  And, dear God! As this record shows, did they take the blows!

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