martial arts - Grand Master by Dean Weber

martial arts grandmaster

Grand Master is a thrilling story set during the 1970s, on a campus of a major University on Long Island.
The main character of this tale is a martial arts expert and a doctoral student at the University. His life in the safe environment of academia is one day shattered beyond all recognition when he is confronted by a giant, super strong, crazed maniac. Badly injured in the attack, and shocked by the violent encounter, he begins the slow, long road to recovery. In short, he must learn to rebuild his life.
The book is superbly written by a black belt in karate of some 30 years standing. The fight scenes are something else! The book contains graphic and detailed descriptions of all aspects of karate and kung-fu, but it is not violent per se – the writing is concerned with the relationship between martial arts, philosophy and the meaning of life.

The book is based on some true experiences, and although a work of fiction, does give the reader a true insight into what it is like to be a martial arts grandmaster.

Technically superb, the scenes of violence are expertly written by a black belt in karate of some 30 years standing.