vegetarian - God does not eat meat

Bradford Knox is in his senior year at the University of California in the year 2065 which is 57 years after the revolutionary Animal Welfare Act of 2008 which removed all meat from the food chain in the United States and made everyone a vegetarian

One of the last requirements for graduation is to produce a philosophy thesis proving that the world is better off today (in 2065) because of man’s wisdom. The thesis will be presented to his classmates over several days of one-hour speeches. Bradford decides to provide a comprehensive presentation that will explain how much better off the world is today simply because of kindness to animals. Bradford has enormous compassion for animals and is well educated regarding current conditions of animal welfare. However he knows very little about the cruelty that was perpetrated against animals before 2008, before the change to a vegetarian lifestyle. 

Encouraged by his brilliant and beautiful wife to be, Alyssa, Brad decides to observe films depicting the horrors of the worst kind of animal cruelty.

Each night Brad begrudgingly views outrageous and gut wrenching films that vividly and explicitly show the grotesque massacre of large numbers of precious animals in slaughterhouses and in laboratories.  Most evenings end with Brad dozing off into a fantasy dream world of horror. He always seems to find himself in a pastoral setting driving down a country road on a beautiful day. Then the scene suddenly changes to frightening mind flashes of animals being tortured and killed.  Brads nightmares are far too real and begin to tear him apart emotionally.

During his conscious hours in the present, Brad tries to think of ways he can stop the carnage he sees in his dreams.

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