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Submit your work to dpdotcom publishing. We are currently accepting submissions of poetry, short stories, full length novels or memoirs from new and established authors. Submitting your manuscript to dpdotcom is absolutely free!  There are no reading fees. All genres of work are very welcome!  

We do not ask for “proposals”, but we do ask that your manuscript is a complete work, proof-read for errors, and spell-checked from start to finish. Nobody wants to read a badly written book, so read and re-read your work carefully before sending it to us! At dpdotcom, we believe it is your responsibility, as author, to make sure your work is up to the highest standard.  

Note: If your work does need to be edited in any significant way – in other words, there are more than a few typos – there will be a fee of $125.00 or £100.00 for the editing work dpdotcom has to do.

For more details of all costs involved, see HERE.

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If you have spell-checked your work and proof-read it carefully, and you are sure it is in its best shape… then submit your work to dpdotcom for free!

Your manuscript should be emailed as an attachment to: 

Submissions should be in the form of a MS Word (doc. or docx) file, size A4 pages, and double-spaced for clarity. 

dpdotcom publishing will acknowledge receipt of your manuscript and we will aim to respond to you as quickly as we can – usually within 3 weeks. We will read it carefully and assess its potential for publication. We will then get back to you with our decision whether to publish or not.  Please understand, our decision is final.

Your manuscript will go through 3 different formatting schemes so that it can be published as ePub and Kindle ebooks and as a ‘print-on-demand’ paperback.

However, dpdotcom will not consider works of pornography or works that encourage hatred or discrimination based on race, religion, or sex, or material promoting gratuitous violence.

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