free submissions to dpdotcom publishing

Free submissions.

Submissions should be in the form of a MS Word file (doc. or docx) size A4 pages, and double-spaced for reading clarity. 

Manuscripts should be carefully spell-checked and proof-read before submission.

There is no reading fee. 

If we like your work and you wish to proceed, dpdotcom will format your work for publication in ePub, kindle and paperback formats.


Please note – if dpdotcom has to edit your work in any significant way – in other words, there are more than a few typos, or you have used speech marks incorrectly, or you have used keyboard returns inappropriately, or if dpdotcom has to spend many more hours correcting your manuscript – there will be a fee of $125.00 or £100.00 for the correcting work dpdotcom has to do. So please make sure your manuscript is in the best shape it can be!

If your manuscript is not accepted for publication, it will be returned to you and there there is no charge.



Publishing options…

The KDP Amazon paperback publication system usually works out cheaper per paperback, but offers dpdotcom both publisher discounts and special bulk purchase discounts, which, when combined, can mean a very significant saving for the author who wishes to purchase a number of books to sell in a local book fair, or to offer to local book stores etc. Many of our authors take this route – they ask dpdotcom to order them a number of books, we then make use of our publisher discount and any special offer bulk purchase discount to get the books for the author at the very best price. Authors can then sell their books and make a profit from the sales.




Our 3 cover design options:

Option 1 –  a plain and simple cover design

This is a basic and free option. We will give your book a plain cover featuring the book title and author name. It will look ok, but won’t have great visual impact!

cover design by dpdotcom publishing - plain cover design

Option 2 – use your own cover design.

Of course, you may use your own cover design if you have one – make sure it is copyright free, or that you have rights to use that image. You cannot assume that you can use an image just because it is displayed on a google images search.

For an ebook, we recommend the image is in .jpg format and at least 460×640 pixels large.

As a guide, a cover image for a 6″ x 9″ paperback book should be about 1800×2700 pixels.  All images should be of high resolution, 300 dpi or greater. 

Option 3 – buy a dpdotcom custom cover design for $125.00 (£100.00)

If you would like your book cover to be something special, then dpdotcom will create a custom cover design for you. If you choose this option, we will work with you on every aspect of the design, so that you are entirely happy with the style, colours, fonts and “look” of the cover.  

These custom covers can take hours and even days to design, so for this “custom service” there is a nominal charge of $125.00 or £100.00 per cover.

Examples of custom covers can be seen HERE.




  • Submit your manuscript for free.
  • If the work needs significant editing, we will charge $125.00 or £100.00 to cover the man-hour costs involved.
  • If your manuscript requires no extra work, there is no extra charge.
  • If you require a custom design cover, there will be a charge of $125.00 or £100.00
  • If you wish to use your own cover design, there is no extra charge.
  • If you would like to purchase bulk copies of your paperback book, please ask dpdotcom for a quote.




As of February 2018, proof and author copies are now available for all publishers on KDP.

Put simply, that means, as publisher, dpdotcom enjoys special discounts with both and Amazon KDP, so if you are an author with dpdotcom, you can bulk order your books through us at a discounted price.

Lulu have always offered similar pricing deals, and almost always offer special promotion deals to authors…but dpdotcom also enjoys additional special “publisher discounts” from

Proofs allow you to review a physical copy of your draft paperback prior to publication.

Author copies are copies of the live version of your paperback that you can order from Amazon and/or

When you order copies of your own book, through dpdotcom, you pay just the printing costs plus shipping, a small dpdotcom commission and applicable taxes.



If you would like to submit your work to dpdotcom, your manuscript should be emailed as an attachment.