vampire tale - eternal blood

A vampire tale…

When a mysterious character by the name of Phoenix Nagenda enters Conner Morgan’s life, he soon learns that a personal problem close to his heart is synonymous with Nagenda’s appearance. He also learns that he has the blood of vampires running through his veins…..

He is engulfed by a world unknown to most of the human race. It is a world of violence, horror and shape-shifting, where vampire clans exist. In this world of the ‘dark half,’ Connor is united with characters that represent both everything that is good and evil within the vampire race – including Jacob, leader of the Dove clan and Phoenix Nagenda’s enemy.

His own story stretches back in to the distant past; to a time of the plains Indians – a time where horror bred the hatred between himself and Nagenda. Their feud comes full circle when all vampires converge at what is known as the ‘Gathering’ – an event that is pre-ordained in the vampyric ancient scriptures and that will ultimately decide the fate of the vampire race and mankind…

Connor must decide which path and which leader he will follow as he struggles to accept his immortality and embrace his eternal blood. Because along with a select few of his new found kin the fate of the whole world – both theirs and humankinds, rests upon their shoulders….

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