amateur dramatics - Encore by Peter Power

Fanny Fanshaw had one dream, one ambition. She was to become a world-famous actress. Nothing or no-one was going to stop her from fulfilling her one desire in life. She was determined. Her name would be up there in lights and emblazed upon the silver screen  – “Starring Fanella Fanshaw”!

She knew it was in Hollywood where it all happened and made up her mind that was where she must be. Pitifully, her first attempt at raising enough money to get herself there led to disaster. She felt her world had collapsed, taking little or no interest in anything or anyone. That was until her grandmother, Elena, came to her rescue, putting the sparkle back into her life.

Little did she know what was in store for her! Stepping from one leading role straight into one of even greater importance she felt her life to be totally fulfilled. Her world was complete. That was until her past began to haunt her and she was faced with the devastating threat of blackmail!

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