sexual experience - Ed's New Life

love, lust, sex and relationships

A 48 year old man falls in love for the first time in his life and says nothing to the 18 year old girl he loves, for fear of rejection. But once he has to take action to save her from a sexual predator, he finds he must, for the first time in his life, actually participate in life. No longer can he hide in the shadows as a quiet observer.

In the process of saving the woman he loves, he discovers she loves him. He also has to help clean up the mess the predator has made of the lives of others. 

In his previous life, in the shadowy world of espionage and intelligence, relationships meant danger, but not here. Here they mean joy and wonder. He must learn to handle these new emotions and interactions, to live a relationship rather than rationalise it.

Previously, he’d been a member of teams where you had limited responsibility for others, now (for the first time in his life) he’s part of a family group that’s totally dependent upon all its members – and they all love each other. 

Collectively and individually, the ‘family’ members learn about life, love, sexuality, sensuality, and sex. As they learn, they develop and grow as people, lovers, and humans. Together they explore many aspects of the human condition.

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*Be advised!  This is a highly erotic story!

It portrays sexual acts in detail and may offend some readers!