D W Pryke


Please allow me to introduce myself…

I am D W Pryke, a retired teacher of English, who taught for nearly 40 years in a number of Secondary Schools in the UK. Before that, I graduated from Bristol University with an Honours degree in English Literature.

I love books and I love literature, and I love writing.

And retirement means I now have time at my disposal.

Having gone down the self-publishing route for a number of years, publishing books as both paperbacks and ebooks, I thought it a good idea to pull together most of my writing and give it space.

Here, you will find my earliest work on the murder of John Lennon, my recent books on Shakespeare and Elizabethan England and my latest work, on the poet John Keats. All of these works I would class as fiction, though all are deeply rooted in historical fact – but I would not call myself a writer of historical fiction.

Please explore my work…

Please visit my personal website here.