Crawling out of the Bramble Patch - kidnap story

a kidnap story

Dr. Alexander Winchester, a retired headmaster living alone now in New Hampshire, is asked by the CEO of a large Midwest electronics firm to hide his three sons ages 10, 13, and 14 under the guise of giving them a canoe trip in the wilderness. 

He is told they are in danger, and that a kidnapping attempt has been made on two of the boys, but beyond that, he has no idea why he is being asked this huge favour.

But Dr. Winchester accepts the boys into his charge, without understanding the full picture. He sets about protecting them as best he can, all the while looking for answers as to why this is taking place, and who is behind it all. 

This is the story of children under threat, but also the tale of an older man wondering who he is, what happened in his past and and where he is headed.

Perhaps, in the end, it is a tale of a man who learns to crawl out of his own bramble patch tag has bound him most of his life.

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