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cover design for ebooks

If you want your book to have the Wow! factor, dpdotcom publishing can create a stunning ebook and paperback cover for you – scroll down the page for some examples of dpdotcom book covers.
ebook cover design by dpdotcompublishing

cover design for paperbacks

Never judge a book by its cover! But that is exactly what most people do.

cover design for paperbacks by dpdotcompublishing

So, do not take short-cuts with your cover design! After all, the cover is there to attract attention and make your book stand out – so having a great cover design is a necessity, not a luxury. With this in mind, adpdotcom, we give authors 3 options:

Our 3 cover design options:

Option 1 –  a plain and simple cover design

This is a basic and free option. We will give your book a plain cover featuring the book title and author name. It will look ok, but won’t have great visual impact!

cover design by dpdotcom publishing - plain cover design

Option 2 – use your own cover design.

Of course, you may use your own cover design if you have one – make sure it is copyright free, or that you have rights to use that image. You cannot assume that you can use an image just because it is displayed on a google images search.

For an ebook, we recommend the image is in .jpg format and at least 460×640 pixels large.

As a guide, a cover image for a 6″ x 9″ paperback book should be about 1800×2700 pixels.  All images should be of high resolution, 300 dpi or greater. 

Option 3 – buy a dpdotcom custom cover design for $125.00 (£100.00)

If you would like your book cover to be something special, then dpdotcom will create a custom cover design for you. If you choose this option, we will work with you on every aspect of the design, so that you are entirely happy with the style, colours, fonts and “look” of the cover.  

For this “custom service” there is a nominal charge of $125.00 or £100.00 per cover.

Some sample dpdotcom custom cover designs:

custom cover design by dpdotcom

custom cover design by dpdotcom

Cover design by dpdotcom

cover design - custom dpdotcompublishing cover design

cover design - custom dpdotcom digital publishing

cover design by dpdotcom digital publishing

custom cover design by dpdotcom digital publishing