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The dpdotcom publishing book store below offers quality fiction and poetry from talented authors – available as downloadable ebooks or ‘print-on-demand’ paperbacks.

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It's All Downhill From Here by Rhi Evans

It’s All Downhill from Here

And in the beginning there was Belfast
Bathed by Rainbows

Long Long Time

Nathaniel Hawthorne is Dating my Girlfriend

John Keats, A Youth Elect

John Keats a Youth Elect

poisonous-printers-ink7Poisonous Printer’s Ink 
Oil exploration - a Glasgovian Oilman book one and two Glasgovian Oilman John Keats from Fool to Fulfilment cover
John Keats from Fool to Fulfilment
Spikes Garage - a tale of childhood adventures
Spike’s Garage
Poetry by R R RaileyPoetry by R R Railey Ace
A Happy Death - a comic novelA Happy Death A Date at the Dog and GunA Date at the Dog and Gun in the blink of an eyein the blink of an eye Looking for Lamp-postsLooking for Lamp-posts
The Making of Perfect SoldiersThe Making of Perfect Soldiers Through the Mirror go RoundThrough the Mirror Go Round

close your eyes and I’ll kiss you

The Created Couple - artificial intelligence The Created Couple A Funny Thing Happened on my way to HellA Funny Thing Happened…
Singing to Donkeys
Singing to Donkeys
25 Short Stories by Rabert R. Railey
25 Short Stories
animal welfare, animal rights - God Made the AnimalsGod Made the Animals Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
The Spiral Stone
The Spiral Stone
The Harlie Series of 4 books
The Harlie Series
The Palladium Secret - a tale of Elizabethan Gothic
The Palladium Secret
Two Spirits Dancing - the murder of John Lennon Two Spirits Dancing Crawling out of the Bramble Patch
Crawling Out of the Bramble Patch
vampire tale - eternal blood eternal blood
Branford Falls Branford Falls Master Apprentice
Master Apprentice
Everyday Chinese Idioms
Everyday Chinese Idioms
Under November Skies
Under November Skies
Plato - Shadows in Plato's cave
Shadows in Plato’s Cave
Olive Lamming Creative Writing Competition 2014
Olive Lamming Creative Writing 2014
Dead Times Two Dead Times Two Encore
Realm of the Bear - tales of King ArthurRealm of the Bear – book 1 Swords and Souls - tales of King Arthur
Realm of the Bear – book 2
Maxwell Williams Maxwell Williams The Players The Players The Last Temple of Apollo
The Last Temple of Apollo
Adventures in Being
Adventures in Being
Teen Shakespeare Macbeth
Teen Shakespeare Macbeth
Amateur at Heart Amateur at Heart development of a super computer - the 30000 days - don zen lee The 30,000 Days Replacement Parts Replacement Parts Grand Master - a tale of martial arts Grand Master Zombie & Hell hound
Zombie & Hell Hound
Roslyn Research Yields Templar Secrets
Roslyn Research Yields Templar Secrets
Out of Reach & Still Out of Reach
Out of Reach & Still Out of Reach
Ed's New Life - an erotic tale
Ed’s New Life
The Clan Amir Series
The Clan Amir Series
The First Cut is the Deepest
The First Cut is the Deepest
Times of Old Times of Old God Does Not Eat Meat God Does Not Eat Meat Heaven Help Us
Heaven Help Us
The Last Mission - fighting the drugs cartel
The Last Mission

The Time is Out of Joint
Wisdom of Dao de JingThe Wisdom of the Dao de Jing On Manannan's Isle
On Manannan’s Isle
Laura's Wrath
Laura’s Wrath
What Really Matters
What Really Matters
Two Suns in the Sunset
Two Suns in the Sunset
Okay I Apologize
Okay, I Apologise..
The Race - an athlete's view of the 400m race
The Race
CoverSmallPuddle’s Wondrous Worry Dolls Wildfire poetry collectionWildfire A Match Struck

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All ebooks available from the dpdotcom store are instantly downloadable once purchased. The 3 main ebook formats are pdf ebook format, kindle ebook format and the industry standard ePub ebook format.  Some of the dpdotcom publishing ebooks below are available in all 3 popular ebook formats.  However, some dpdotcom ebooks are available in only one ebook format – please check carefully which format you require before you purchase.

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All paperbacks available from the dpdotcom publishing book store are produced by or by Amazon KDP on a print-on-demand basis. The price of each paperback varies according to the number of pages printed, but all our paperbacks are of excellent, “book store quality”.  They are printed within 2 or 3 days of placing the order and usually delivered in about one week.

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