And in the beginning there was Belfast

And in the begiining there was Belfast by David Atcheson

Belfast, Northern Ireland, has seen its fair share of troubles. This story, set in the backstreets of Belfast, is a tense, dark psychological thriller that poses the question whether, Martin Leonard, an ordinary man, from an ordinary background, can in fact be a serial killer.

The story is told from different perspectives and on different time-lines, and as the narrative develops, the ordinariness of the main character is chilling and captivating. Told in a restrained, measured fashion, this multi-layered story weaves deftly back and forth to hold the reader’s attention throughout. The first-person point-of-view of the psychiatric interviews and Maisie/Margaret’s opening witness statement, the clear characterisation, the gritty backstreet settings and the nicely paced evocation of Martin’s increasing sense of his own “apartness” are all brilliantly captured and make this a novel that cannot be ignored.


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