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a bittersweet love story

In this bittersweet love story of youth, lust, and life, Sonny Dennison catches the allure of Lela, a neighbourhood temptress.  In his eyes, she is a beautiful young maiden and a goddess. She is also all woman. But he thinks she is out of his reach – how can he possibly attract her?
Idolizing a local Don Juan, Sonny pursues Lela….until she seduces him.  Under the guidance of his cynical friend, Sonny prepares for the loss of his virginity. We follow his preparations with acute embarrassment, remembering what it was like to be young, inexperienced and in love.
Following an hilarious attempt at a first sexual encounter, Sonny and Lela have a brief affair, until she rejects him for an old friend.  The course of true love never did run smooth.
Cast adrift, Sonny painfully feels the lack of fulfilment in sex for its own sake.  After a bout of despondency, he begins to realize the worth of human relationships.

One bright summer day at the beach, Sonny finally awakens to meaning in his life.

This amusing, witty, cleverly written, intelligent take on young love is a “must read!”

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