Aloe Vera by Reuben Titus

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera (Latin for “True Aloe”) is one of the oldest known medicinal plants. The semi-tropical plant, Aloe Vera, has a long and illustrious history dating back to pre-biblical times. It has been mentioned throughout recorded history and given a high ranking as an all purpose herbal plant. 

Dr. Reuben A. Titus is an authority on Aloe Vera – one of the greatest healing plants of our time. A natural health writer and adviser of high repute on plants, his wide knowledge of this wonderful plant and herbs in general has earned him tremendous fame both in Africa and the United Kingdom.

Born in Accra – Ghana to a horticulturalist, he spent his early years working on large farms and selling agricultural products. He is a graduate of Marketing (London), an industrialist, a writer on Agricultural Development and he has widely travelled across the globe. Dr. Reuben is currently researching other wonder plants and their magical results.

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