spiritual tales of self discovery

spiritual tales of self discovery - Adventures in Being - Dean Weber

Spiritual short stories from Dean Weber, a life-long martial arts exponent.

This collection of stories, 15 in all, share a common theme – a sense of wonder at the simple things in life and awe at the spiritual dimension of the world around us.

Hiking through the woods with a close friend, the author tells a series of tales, which reveal his experiences, his thoughts and his feelings. Each story can be read on its own merit, but together, the tales speak of Dean Weber’s conviction that the world is a wonderful place. The woods provide a natural back-drop for the stories and the hike allows both Dean and his friend the air their beliefs and philosophy. Among other topics, he tells of his wonder at the microscopic world within a bubble. He speaks of his meeting with a strange Indian medicine man who allows him a glimpse through a portal of Time. He recounts his discovery of “Kata Place” and “The Tree of Death”, a cleared area of great spiritual serenity where he perfects his martial arts routines.

These stories are told in a direct and simple style; they are funny, original, with a deeply philosophical side. Above all, they are thought-provoking, uplifting and life-affirming.

And they are very rewarding to read.

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