finding God - A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to Hell

a tale about finding God

“A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to Hell…” is the first book of a two part series that chronicles the adventures of a ‘cradle’ Catholic, who has wandered in the desert for about forty years before finding God in a very unique, very funny, and very personal sort of way.

And what a ‘long, strange trip it’s been…’ says the author.

The first part of that trip involves growing up Catholic in New York City in the 1960’s, attending college prep school, getting up-rooted by a well-intentioned, chain-smoking, beer-drinking cop, and banished to the swamps of South Florida.

The second part continues with running away from home (as well as the Catholic Church) and back to New York City where this modern-day prodigal son joins a rock and roll band that all but kills him. The third and final leg of the journey brings him back to South Florida, and the Church, where he not only finds God but, with Him, everything else.

They say that God works in mysterious ways; and sometimes that includes a miracle, or two. But be careful what you ask for. Remember: you don’t always get what you want but, sometimes…‘you get what you need.’

This is, in parts, a comic novel, in parts a very serious read, because the book makes it clear, there is nothing more important than finding God.

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