25 Short Stories by Rabert R. Railey

25 Short Stories by Robert R. Railey

This collection of 25 short stories has something for everyone.

The main story, “Derek Christian, Antichrist”, is a two-part novella which examines the possibility that a world-famous televangelist might just be the Antichrist.

Derek Christian, or “Booster,” as he was affectionately known to his friends and family, owned a lanky and rawboned six-foot four-inch frame which was handsomely topped off with an unruly shock of dark brown hair that hung loosely above an affable smile. Some people remarked that he reminded them of the lovable Will Rogers of old, who’d hailed from Oklahoma and was quite the celebrity back in his day.

The other stories in this volume are a diverse collection of original works.  At first, the reader might be inclined to believe that the plots in this volume tend to deal mainly with the more tragic side of humanity. In the end, however, it should become clear to the reader that the universal message throughout these stories is moral rather than vengeful.

And since many of these pieces of short fictional prose tend to have ironic endings, the reader might be correct in suspecting that the author has taken a cue from O. Henry, who as we all know, was one of the greatest short story writers of all time.