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  • dpdotcom is a small, independent online publisher based in the United Kingdom.
  • We have over ten years experience in digital publishing and design.
  • dpdotcom are experienced, professional, and we offer “the truly personal touch”.
  • We do everything we can to help authors publish their work in ebook and paperback formats.
  • We want our authors to succeed.
  • We want our readers to enjoy our books and come back for more.
  • dpdotcom print on demand paperbacks are of the highest book-store quality.
  • dpdotcom ebooks download instantly to the customer’s device. 
  • Our dpdotcom bookstore carries outstanding books that can be found nowhere else.
  • dpdotcom works with writers and for writers.
  • We are an alternative to the traditional publishing route
  • We offer digital publishing services like editing, proof-reading and cover design.

If you are a writer, with a book to publish, we think dpdotcom is the smart way to get your manuscript published as ebooks and paperbacks. Give dpdotcom a try. Send us your manuscript and let us work with you to turn all your hard work into a successful and marketable ebook and paperback.

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dpdotcom – publishing ebooks and print on demand paperbacks

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We believe ebooks are the now and the future, because smartphones and tablets can carry whole libraries.

So, make your book part of someone’s library.

Authors can tweak their work as often as they like.

Authors can revise and upload manuscripts any number of times. 

Readers can buy and download ebooks in kindle, ePub, and pdf formats.

Readers can buy dpdotcom paperbacks as print on demand books.

Delivery time is usually about a week.

So, why not give dpdotcom publishing a try? 

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we publish ebooks in all main formats

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